Retiring Ministers
Retiring Ministers

Retiring Ministers

Retiring Ministers is an initiative of Shepherd's Fold Ministries providing resources for retired ministers of the Christian faith.


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New Programs!

Coming soon: new programs will be developed in the near future that will address the needs to retiring ministers.  Whether a minister served as a pastor, staff member, or missionary, new programs will be provided to care for you.  Currently a first-of-its-kind research project is being completed studying the needs of retired ministers from various denominations and missionary organizations.  Stay tuned!

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My name is Brent Van Hook, director of Shepherd's Fold Ministries,  Shepherd's Fold exists to encourage and bless ministers of all denominations of the Christian faith.  The new "Retiring Ministers" initiative will provide resources for retirement-status ministers. 

To see a list of a few people who have endorsed this initiative, click here.  

To read the article, "Five Advantages Retired Ministers Have For Retirement Years," click here.  

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