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Retiring Ministers

Retiring Ministers

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About Us


About us

My name is Brent Van Hook, director of Shepherd's Fold Ministries.  After 21 years of pastoring I'm leading Shepherd's Fold.  Ministers are unprepared for retirement.  They retire with social, physical, financial, and spiritual needs.  Through innovative research, Shepherd’s Fold Ministries identified the specific issues impacting a minister’s long-term well-being and then developed customized resources to help!   These resources are available through Membership in Shepherd’s Fold Ministries. Shepherd’s Fold Membership is a great gift for any age minister, active or retired. It’s also a great “benefit” that churches can offer employees and staff. 

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Shepherd's Fold Ministries offers Membership giving you access to dozens of resources and gifts contributing to your long-term well-being.